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Islesboro, Maine

About Us


The purpose of the Society for the Preservation of the Free Will Baptist Church is to support a center for community activities, including community suppers, weddings, funerals, church fairs; also, to promote educational and cultural activities, including musical recitals and theatrical performances, and to preserve the building (and Vestry) .

The Church


Today there are no longer church services within the building, however it has outstanding acoustics, a beautiful historic interior and remains available to host concerts, weddings and other events.  The sanctuary and vestry of the Freewill Baptist Church are intended to be used and enjoyed by the residents and visitors to the island of Islesboro.

Greenwood Cemetery


The Greenwood Cemetery Corporation was formed in 1887.



Since 1990, the church has been the home of a summer concert series. Since the summer of 1992, it has hosted the weekly Islesboro Forum. The church is also the site of weddings, funerals, vesper services, theatrical performances, a Christmas program and the occasional celebration.

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